We’re bringing you our top 5 reasons to use cold brew in your cocktails and mocktails this summer! While there’s no denying that cold brew makes for a delicious and natural pick-me up, there’s no reason we can’t experiment a little with it. Buckle up and get ready for some mouth-watering coffee cocktail inspo heading your way.


Due to its unique brewing method, cold brew offers a strong yet far less bitter taste than its hot counterpart (check out our previous post on the low-down of hot vs. cold brew here if you’re wanting to learn more). By steeping coffee beans in cool water over a period of 12-24 hours, the extraction process is far slower and results in a smoother, less bitter taste. This is perfect for creating rich, velvety cold brew martinis without the harshness that both cocktail novices and connoisseurs can appreciate alike. The less astringent taste makes cold brew extremely versatile, allowing its bold taste to be incorporated into a variety of cocktails without overpowering the other ingredients. Pair it with some Campari, gin and Sweet Vermouth for a spin on the classic Negroni. Garnish with an orange peel or coffee beans and enjoy! 

A great cold brew twist on a classic Negroni!


Not only is cold brew ideal for cocktails due to its aroma and complex flavour profiles, but it’s smooth taste allows you to concoct healthier drinks! Forget adding sugar, milk or syrups to your coffee-flavoured creations – with cold brew, you never have to worry about hiding the bitter aftertaste. Save your calories and help your blood sugar by switching to cold brew and you’ll never look back. Not to mention that it provides a natural energy boost so you can also ditch the Vodka Redbulls that will leave you bouncing off the walls hours after you’ve finished your night! We even have an entire blog post on the nutritional benefits of coffee if you’re keen to find out more about health and coffee.


While the brewing process itself may take several hours, buying quality cold brew saves you both money and time! No need to wait for the kettle to boil to make a cup of coffee before letting it cool down and finally being able to use it in your cocktail. Having bottles of cold brew on hand makes the whole process a whole lot faster and simpler! So next time guests come over, you can put a speedy twist on a black russian by mixing some vanilla vodka, Kahlua coffee liqueur and cold brew. Check out a recipe we’ve been loving here.

A refreshing take on the classic Black Russian cocktail involving cold brew!


Cold brew is a very convenient ingredient. While fancy coffee machines and devices may require prior knowledge to operate(as well as being costly to buy and run), opening a bottle of cold brew is something anybody can do! It’s easy to carry, easy to use and even easier to enjoy. So next time you’re looking for a drink you can make on the go, grab some cold brew. A picnic with friends? Why not bring a few bottles of cold brew and your favourite tonic for a refreshing mocktail or add some gin if you’re not the one stuck driving everybody home. 


Finally, incorporating cold brew into your drinks adds an unexpected twist that’s bound to impress your guests. This one ingredient can both complement existing cocktails and create brand new ones without the hassle or hefty price tag. So next time you’re looking to experiment with mixology, make sure to have some cold brew on hand – who knows what exciting creations you’ll come up with! You can always stock up on our delicious Artemis Cold Brew by visiting our website artemis.coffee! For coffee cocktail inspo and more, keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram @artemisbrew or check out the other posts on the blog

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