Why the name 'ARTEMIS'?

“When I founded ARTEMIS, I was taking something I loved doing; cold brewing insanely good coffee, and trying to create a business where I could share this love. I’m passionate about our products and I wanted our brand to reflect that, I wanted a story, values which were significant, values which expressed my constant strive to improve our cold brew while ensuring our effects on the planet and the coffee farmers we worked with is positive.” Ben Barker - Founder

ARTEMIS was the Greek goddess of forests and hills, great mother of nature. She was one of the most widely venerated of the ancient Greek deities. For our company, with high aims of being the best, highest quality product on the market, whilst maintaining our link to nature and the planet, what better name could we have picked!


Everything you need to know about what's in your cup.

Colombian, La Estrella del Ostro
Preparation Process:Washed
Roasted by: North Star Coffee Roasters, Leeds.

Burundi, Dukorerikawa
Preparation Process: Washed
Roasted by: North Star Coffee Roasters, Leeds.

Brazil, Fazenda Lages
Preparation Process: Natural
Roasted by: North Star Coffee Roasters, Leeds.


The term "speciality coffee", in our eyes, means absolute attention to detail and endeavoring to always improve technique, quality and service.
We believe coffee of this quality should be available to all, and cold brew coffee is the perfect platform to achieve this. It's an approachable, ready to drink iced coffee that delivers quality flavour any time, anywhere with no knowledge requirement. No bitterness means it doesn't need milk or sugar, so it's healthy, refreshing, vegan-friendly and all-natural.


We take some of the UK’s finest quality speciality coffee, brew it in cold filtered water for between 12 and 24 hours, triple filter for clarity and refreshment, then bottle and label by hand.

Extracted using time rather than heat, we naturally tease the flavours out; creating a more balanced, naturally sweeter and less bitter coffee.

It's a slow process, but trust us - it's worth it.


ARTEMIS was Founded in 2015 by Ben Barker a coffee geek and ex barista. With a true passion for coffee Ben first stumbled across cold brew in 2013 after looking for unique and interesting brew methods. Initially Ben made cold brew just for his personal love of caffeine, sourcing rare and super tasty coffees from roasters across the UK. After a few friends got hold of his brews though, the idea flipped and Bens entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm for sharing his cold brew developed.

“This was such an amazing concept; amazing quality coffee, brewed perfectly, available anywhere and anytime. It allowed all the amazing yet often confusing elements of speciality coffee to be brought to consumers in an accessible format. Bottled up and ready-to-drink.”

Ben’s vision was to create a company that really focused on being the best; using the best coffee, operating with best practices, offering the best service and working with the best people. We thrive off of working with like minded coffee lovers running independent coffee houses, bars, restaurants and shops. You’d struggle to find a more enthusiastic team of enthusiastic coffee professionals!

Artemis has grown from very humble beginnings. From a development kitchen in the family home into a purpose built brewery developing industry new techniques and products. With zero external investment Artemis has grown organically by providing the best quality products with ethical and sustainable credentials. Unlike competitors with large marketing budgets we focus all our energy into incredible products and amazing customer service.

With a core, focused team we remain flexible and agile. We not only offer the best cold brew in the market through Artemis but also collaborate and produce for others offering white label, own label and one off productions.

We like to keep things simple, so although you might see our incredible Nitro Espresso Martini in a few places, our main focus is on making the best Ready-to-drink, concentrated and nitro cold brew out there.


Quality Sustainability Traceability
Our three core values that drive everything we do. Our goal?

Sourcing and producing the highest quality coffee products, sustainably sourced and fully traceable all the way from the farm to our brewery. We work with some of the largest independent bars and coffee shops from all over the UK to bring you fantastic tasting cold brew.

Our passion for coffee is second to none. Founded in the heart of Yorkshire, Artemis' aim is to provide the highest quality cold brew coffee to the UK, at an affordable price.

The farmers we source from around the world clearly know how to grow great quality coffee, so we're 100% committed to making sure that they're well compensated for what they do. We only use speciality coffee; the better the coffee, the more the farmer is paid.

But that's not all. All of our products are made with 100% recyclable packaging, delivered using carbon neutral methods.

So, Artemis products are good for the farmer, good for the customer, and good for the planet. Sounds good, doesn't it?


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