Coffee Concentrate


The Perfect
Espresso Martini

Used by some of the world's best bars, just 25ml of Artemis Coffee Concentrate delivers the perfect Espresso Martini. Why stop there? There's a whole world of coffee cocktails that are just a quick pour away. Pick one of our tried and tested recipes or create your own.

Without Compromise

A 21 hour cold brewing process delivers a more defined and flavoursome drink without the bitterness of conventionally brewed coffee. A cold brew coffee concentrate made to the same strength as espresso, using only the freshest speciality coffee and filtered water, it provides a consistent strength and flavour.

Coffee Concentrate being poured

The coffee


Cold brewing allows us to pull out the strength and depth of the incredible coffee we source, without the bitterness. This means more defined flavour, less sugar in cocktails and an all round better coffee experience for you, the customer and the coffee farmer.


Nominato Ferreira, a single estate speciality grade Brazillian coffee. Sourced by our incredible green coffee importers Olam Speciality and roasted by the outstanding North Star Coffee Roasters. This coffee was chosen for it's milk chocolate, stewed fruit and caramelised sugar characteristics, flavours that can be both bold and delicate.


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